Flies for Opel

Let’s talk money. In the 1950s André Kostolany equated the highs and lows of the stock market to the ebbs and flows of tides, thereby popularizing the comparing of the dynamics of the stock market to those of the natural world. The aim of the project Frankfurter Mücken is to organize a „Mücken“ collection drive (in German „Mücken“ means mosquitoes but is also slang for cash) for Opel given the recent crisis facing the automobile manufacturer.

On September 11, 2009 a collection drive was conducted around the city of Frankfurt am Main with an Opel Insignia: five sheets of paper, one for each business day, were attached to the Opel’s hood and windshield.

After fours hours of driving around collection donations were very small. However, a comparison of the insect marks on the paper sheets showed a striking similarity to that week’s valuation of Opel on the stock exchange.