In Bremen many citizens share the opinion that plans for developing the city’s Überseestadt district are not well thought out and mostly consider it bad for the city. Others stand to benefit financially or respond to the plans positively without much concern: „Finally something is happening.“

The area alternates between pro and con and the developers involved in the project compete to carry through with their business ideas. Within this contested setting the hope to not to make „a mountain out of a molehill“ bonds everyone together.

For the performance Bremen Brennen Rennen two motorcycle drivers will race their bikes inside the former warehouse building known as Schuppen 1 in Überseestadt. A map of Überseestadt, printed on silicon fabric and resembling a dinosaur head in shape, hangs from a window washer tool mounted on the front of each bike. The contraption recalls the banners carried by knights in the Middle Ages. Without a specific destination the motorcycle drivers race around the nearly 500 meter long hall, their flags fluttering in the dust and exhaust. This is repeated numerous times until the drivers abandon the race exhausted.