When a staged revolution is part of a country’s historical reality it shapes the direction of every day life. 

Filmed in three Romanian towns (Sibiu, Pitesti and Bucharest), Revolution after Revolution examines how advertising strategies of post-Communist era are digested as part of Romanians’ everyday lives. Modern architecture of the sixties and its dead ideology forms the background where citizens become actors and revolution turns into allegory.

Revolution Song

The revolution is form / form that it transforms not more than it in-forms / oh, you looked at my desire / checked my desire without being able to realize it / taking your goods carriage full of greeds / and I bathe the water / bathe the water of the envy / ah, your form gives me caresses / your form gives me forms of this corner / and in the crowd that goes away / crowd that comes / everything turns settled again / I‘m looking down from my balcony / seeing as you move away... / across the revolutions.

duration: 14’ 00’’ min / system: Pal - Color / audio: Stereo Digital