The remnants of a flea market on Bremen‘s Weserpromenade are auctioned off for next to nothing. The items strewn around the promenade are barely distinguishable from trash.

In the video work one-euro-land, this everyday situation of private, unregulated trades is compared to the current situation of Bremer‘s Überseestadt. There industrial remnants are sold to the highest bidders for a symbolic price of one Euro. Real estate speculation is thus given free range and cheap new constructions are thrown up overnight without any long-term urban developmental strategy.

This phenomenon precisely describes a decisive moment in our post-industrial age, where heavily-indebted states desperately and without a plan offer their base capital over to the private sector in the hope that everything will get better this way.

duration: 5’ 30’’ min / system: HD Pal - Color / audio: Stereo Digital