We can observe the bustle of social dynamics in the unintentional noises generated by individuals. In the cars driving on freeways, in the electricity flowing through cables, in radio signals, in movements involving street protests, which produce acoustic vibrations, and which, in turn, generate sound waves. In their totality such sound waves represent the sound of social dynamics.

Using field recordings from a wide range of sources, the Sozio-Phonon project combines specific acoustic events in a global relationship to one another. The compositions unite a number of distant places in a single „here and now“, where the „individual acoustic social particles“ can no longer be pinned down according to location.

A phonon is a quasiparticle used in theoretical solid-state physics to describe quantum mechanically the characteristics of acoustic vibrations in crystal. Phonons are delocalized, i.e. a phonon exists in the overall crystal lattice and keeps from being assigned to a specific location.

CD version has 8 tracks

installation sketch