history is now










"History is Now" is a series of video works in progress filmed in different cities around the world including London, Frankfurt am Main, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Bucharest and others and deals with the legibility of socio-cultural and historical moments in present time. We know that the lives we lead today will become history tomorrow, and that our constant struggle to live in the future creates in us the feeling that we are actually acting in a “now” that is already “past.” From the outset this body of work has also existed on the public domain of the Internet.

I believe the artist’s primary role is to participate in and promote the writing of alternative forms of what we call history, which need not exclusibly focus on conventionally significant medial events (terrorist attacks, tsunamis, economic crashes, etc.) but in the sensitive surface of the objects that form our everyday life..

History is generated on a quantum level in society. Myriad events of apparent irrelevance are the catalysts of The History – written in capitals. History happens in this precise moment everywhere.

the third text - dirck möllmann (text)