Sound Walk Bärenzwinger Berlin

Bärenzwinger Berlin

Voices: Ana Khatchikian, Maya Land
Photographs: Marlene Burz

The following work emerges from an idea already developed in my Kemmuna Nation project which aims to outline the consequences of a structure of nations world order taken to the extreme and understood from the perspective of a man-nature dichotomy. It rices the question, what would happen, if nature would be considered a nation. The results for mankind would be devastating. Kemmuna Nation makes clear the need, already understood by many, to redefine our relationship with (so-called) nature for the good of our existence.

To reform the relationship between man and nature, it is first necessary to redefine it, since the role that language plays in our interactions with the world is decisive.
The Sound Walk at Bärenzwinger presents selected reflections on this relationship and the idea of culture and history in relation to the immediate surroundings of the building in an immersive sound experience.

The Sound Walk is an individual guided tour through the Bärenzwinger, which allows visitors to experience the acoustic components of the site through a 360° sound experience. The intention is to make the public aware of our environment from a vitalistic-materialistic point of view. The public wanders around the surroundings, perceiving the acoustic presence of an absent environment (recorded) generating a perceptive duality between the materialistic present and an immaterial “projected” reality.

A voice accompanies and guides visitors through the house and its surroundings. It shows them the way while a second voice whispers in the visitor’s ear from time to time. The place is activated acoustically with light tapping, knocking, etc. to make it sound. All these voices and sounds seem very real in the room, but are invisible to visitors. This creates an irritating contradiction between visual and auditory conditions.

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